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Throughout my journey in this universe, I have always encountered art in my relationship with my family and friends, nature, animals and every small detail of life. I always found amusement in ancient cultures and places and this is the inspiration behind becoming an artist.

The ultimate philosophy that I follow is“Art wasn't made to be preserved in a canvas, it should occupy a big part of our daily lives so it's vibe can be felt by everyone”

The origin of every art piece derives from a mental palace in my head. Primarily, I envision  the design in the right side of my brain and then craft it on a piece of paper until it comes alive on the product.

I aspire to infuse the world with artists whose ambition is to build a solid profession for all fellow artists.

Hala Jafar



When I was a child, I crafted a world of tiny objects and buildings inside my dome thoughts and the whole time I imagined this tiny world would become a reality to me until one day, it grew to be a challenge to shape everything around me to fit into this tiny world of mine.


In my early years, I deemed those who follow other artists’ style as copycats but through my exploration period, I have landed on a philosophy which I pursue “There’s no copycat, an artist is a tutor and all those copycats are his students. An artist should never enrage over those who copy his work but to rejoice teaching”

I depict figures from the Arabic culture, I being with a sketch then I craft these huge figures to fit it in the tiny world. I yearn to witness people’s appreciation of every talent in the presence of the artist.

Farah Jafar

Clay Artist

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