UNIART X BŪN fellows


I went to college in Jordan and went back to Palestine after I graduated .at the border, Israeli soldiers took me and held me as a prisoner for two months. l was innocent of everything they accused me of, so I was eventually released with no charges. I was not allowed to travel outside of the country for a while, so I decided to tour Palestine. Politics is all most people know about Palestine. The media only shows the war, so few people know what a beautiful country it is. I packed a backpack and headed to the mountains of Palestine. I visited Nablus, Khalil, and Hebron and snuck into Jaffa, Haifa, and other cities most Palestinians are not allowed to see. I documented everything. I took pictures and posted things on social media. I was thrilled to see new places and meet new people. When I was eventually allowed to travel outside of the country again, I quit my job and started living my dream of traveling the world. I have met many people who live in a bubble where racism and discrimination grow. But traveling opened my eyes to a new world. I slept above the clouds in Nepal and walked with barefoot locals in Zanzibar. I met a Ukrainian woman whose dad was a supporter of the Palestinian cause, and I had lunch with tribes in Morocco I climbed Mount kilimanjaro and smelled the freshest air there is.


When you experience all of this, it’s hard to see the world the same way. You realize how much there is to discover. You learn how rich our planet is. and while you alone are small, your impact can be large. Racism fades when you travel, and humanity flourishes.

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