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Al Rwh Face Mask

Al Rwh Face Mask



Means spirit in Arabic 


Rounded ribbed arches, with Fruitful and flowering tree branch going through it, as if it is a reflection of the meaning of life in one complete cycle, Amidst the floating sun, moon, planet and stars all at once surrounding a word that answers questions of wonder by roaming time and space right between the feathers and letters spelling the word; ROUH/SPIRIT


The feathers have a strong symbolism in our lives that indicates honor and the relationship between the object and its owner together with the servant and his creator added to the birds from which the feather came. It simplifies the concept of trust, honor, strength, wisdom, power and freedom. And when you add a feather symbol to anything, it feels deeply revered with high honor.


Likewise, in some civilizations such as the ancient Egyptians, badminton is coded by the spirituality of the idea of ​​the kingdom and the relationship of man to his Creator through the mediator, which is the soul.


And when a group of feathers meets, it is like it’s symbolizing the gathering of spirits to arbitrate something or carry out a fatal mission or to achieve a dream on earth, comparatively to the Dream Catcher used by the Native Americans.

  • Material & More

    • Handdrawn 
    • Artwork by Hala Jafar
    • 3 Layers 

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