Our collection is inspired by The Golden Age; the period of its rich cultural, economic and scientific discoveries which influenced the after ages. The designs collectively show most infamous characters and popular elements back in The Golden Age. 


An addition to the original design Salam, we are bringing it back from The Golden Age. The promogrante was not only a popular fruit but a symbol used in art, architecture and fashion.

Salam ll Tshirt

JD20.00 Regular Price
JD15.00Sale Price
    • 100% fine cotton 
    • Embroidered
    • Handpainted
    • Drawing by:Hala Jafar 
  • width/Length  

    XS 46cm-65cm
    S 50cm-68cm
    M 56cm-70cm
    L 61cm-73cm
    XL 64cm-76cm
    XXL 68cm-79cm