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Our Artworks

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At Uniart, we showcase the magical and inspirational work of Hala Jafar. Our hand-drawn digital artwork radiates joy and adds depth to your wearable art while setting you apart from the crowd. We aim to create unique and versatile pieces that complement your personal style and individuality. Each piece is carefully crafted,

whale png.png

Al Hawl

Witness the magic of 'Skybound Splash,' where a lively whale paints the sky with a burst of lively colors. Playful and free, this whale joyfully defies gravity, inviting everyone to break the rules and revel in the delight of boundless imagination.

inff 2.png

The Illusion of Time

 Where moments are forever frozen in time and thoughts are suspended in the vastness of the universe.

alien png g.png

Outta This World

This artwork is a sense of feeling disconnected from the familiar, like an alien in a strange world. The vibrant colors within the alien figure represent the wide range of emotions one might experience during such moments of disconnection.



This artwork is a powerful reminder that life is a journey of self-discovery, and that we are constantly evolving and transforming.


Touch Me Not

The importance of personal space and self-reliance. It serves as a reminder that taking time for ourselves is essential for growth and resilience."



n 'The Gut,' we uncover the intricate dance between our heart and insight, a reminder that in the depths of our emotions, we're all connected – exploring the human experience together


Just Free

Out of a little place, a tiny creature can radiate peace



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A Canvas of the Soul

Oct c.png

The Octopus

Let your imagination run wild and discover the wonders within.

my designs-06.png

Al Hurriya

The power to speak, act or think without boundaries is all about Al Hurriya. A hand-drawn artwork of colorful wings as a daily reminder of your free will. 

my designs-12.png

Fatima's Hand

A hand drawn art depicting Fatima's Hand of Rituals inspired by the Moroccan culture. The Hand of Fatima or "Khamsa" is believed to be a magical protection from envious or evil eye. 

Behind Uniart

Hala Jafar


The founder of Uniart. I started Uniart in 2009, and since then, it has been a journey of discovering new styles, techniques, and inspirations. My artworks are designed to inspire and radiate joy, connecting with people on many levels and sparking their creativity. With my art, I aim to make people wonder and lose themselves in the magic of colors, shapes, and intricate details.

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