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Crystallized Mandala T-shirt

Crystallized Mandala T-shirt


The Dead Sea region is a dramatic and beautiful landscape. also known as the Salt Sea, it is a mesmerizing salt lake that is truly one of Earth’s unique places.

The drawings in our collection is an inspiration of the one of a kind specially shaped salt crystals, beautifully shaded blue skies and the saltiest waters, expressed by the perfectly rounded Mandela that will motivate you to start a meditation session.

  • Material & More

    • 100% fine cotton 
    • Velvet line
    • Foldable sleeves
    • Drawing by:Hala Jafar 
  • Size Chart


    XS 46cm-65cm
    S 50cm-68cm
    M 56cm-70cm
    L 61cm-73cm
    XL 64cm-76cm
    XXL 68cm-79cm


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